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Best Shower With Thermostat on the market in 2022: Comparison Table

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Thermostatic showers made by trusted manufacturers are more expensive than non-thermostatic ones, but they have several advantages. The risk of scalding or cold shock is greatly reduced with a thermostat because the water temperature will remain consistent, they have pressure-balancing and flow control valves.

What Is a Thermostat? How Thermostatic Showers Differ from Non-Thermostatic

  • The main difference between thermostatic and non-thermostatic showers lies in the mixing valve.

The mixing valve allows a shower to maintain a consistent comfortable water temperature. Non-thermostatic showers don’t have mixing valves, so they can’t regulate the water temperature.

The mixing valve blends hot and cold water creating the perfect shower temperature, and keeps it consistent even if someone else in the house turns on a faucet or flushes a toilet.

  • Another crucial difference between thermostatic and non-thermostatic showers — is the pressure-balancing valve.

It helps to regulate water pressure if you have hard water. Non-thermostatic showers don’t have pressure-balancing valves, so they may not work well at low water pressure.

  • The third difference is the temperature limiter of 100°F/38°C.

It regulates the maximum water temperature if you have young children or elderly family members, and prevents scalding by limiting the maximum water temperature.

  • The fourth difference is the flow control valve. It helps to regulate the amount of water flowing through the shower head helping to conserve water. Non-thermostatic showers don’t have flow control valves, so they may not be as effective at conserving water.

That’s why a thermostatic shower is the best if you’re looking for a shower that will help you save water.

Most Popular Thermostatic Showers


1. Grohe 26421000 New Tempesta Shower System

  • Grohe Starlight chrome finish: super resistant against scratches and soiling
  • Constant water temperature thanks to reliable Grohe Turbos tat technology
  • Exposed thermostatic temperature control with Safe Stop at 100°F/38°C

What to look out for prior to installation of a Thermostatic shower

Some of the European models don’t work with US plumbing, so make sure that it is made for the US market. On the body of the mixer must be an inscription 100°F/38°C like on this chrome one or ‎brushed nickel Euphoria CoolTouch Thermostatic Shower System.

Almost all thermostatic showers have a European design, as Grohe and Hansgrohe are European brands made in Germany. The supplied fittings and connections are a bit unusual with threaded couplings that apparently are not common in the US. And 9 out of 10 plumbers will have very little experience with these. So it would be fair to say you’d better hire an experienced plumber for the installation of this system.

If you want to know how showers differ, read Best shower systems on the market in 2022 where we compared five non-thermostatic and thermostatic shower systems from the trusted manufacturers Moen, Grohe, American Standart, and Delta.

Products with a 5-star rating

Votes Charts47.2%8%10.8%32.3%

Title Votes
GROHE 34562000 237
Grohe 26128EN1 Euphoria 2.5 Gpm 162
Grohe 26419000 Euphoria 54
Grohe 26421000 Shower System with Thermostat 40
GROHE 26511000 9
Product5 Stars Votes
GROHE 34562000237(47.2%)
Grohe 26128EN1 Euphoria 2.5 Gpm162(32.3%)
Grohe 26419000 Euphoria54(10.8%)
Grohe 26421000 Shower System with Thermostat40(8%)
GROHE 265110009(1.8%)


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