The Top 10 Best Survival Knife in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Survival Knives
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Survival is important when it comes to being trapped in a spot, or you just want to do some stuff. That’s why so many people today are always hunting for a security knife. This is important considering that there are many options when it comes to knives that you can use for outdoor Best Survival Knives. That’s why you might also get worried about which style is going to be perfect.

When you spend any time in the great outdoors hiking, farming, or mountaineering, you realize that in a matter of just a few minutes, a nice afternoon will turn into a survival situation when bad weather is approaching, temperatures are dropping and you’re miles away from your camp or the closest shelter. For situations like this, it’s important that you have a first-class survival knife in your pocket or on your belt. People die from hypothermia and experience thousands of frostbite and trench foot every year, so it’s no exaggeration to say that a survival knife can be just that: the means of your protection. It’s the difference between life and death. You can also check out the Best Rice Cooker.

With the revived popularity of survivalism arising from popular shows such as Naked and Afraid and Bear Grylls ‘ Man vs. Wild, there has also been a recent influx in interest for survival products. Knives, paracord, first aid, fire starter, and valuable combat watches have all seen a recent increase in sales as people have been inspired to create their own survival kits. With so many innovative products on the market, it’s hard to choose between different brands. While most first aid and fire-starting tools function in a similar way to each other, choosing the right survival knife may mean the difference between life and death in a survival situation.

When Would I Need a Survival Knife?

Mainly, protection knives get the most outdoor use. These are made bigger than normal pocket knives, making it difficult to transport around the city (and unlawful to bring in most U.S. states). Pocket knives are useful for every day, minor tasks such as removing thin strings, opening boxes and envelopes, whittling, etc. We know that Benchmade makes some of the finest pocket knives out there, and we really enjoy Benchmade Griptilian.

Survival knives are also very distinct from Swiss Army knives, multi-tool knives, and other items that you can use for multiple purposes. Such lightweight multi-tools come with a wide range of other built-in tools, such as flathead and Phillips screwdrivers, screws, scissors, and bottle openers. While they are effective for a variety of daily uses, their knives lack reliability and longevity. If you’re interested in finding a multitool for everyday use, we definitely recommend any Leatherman multitool, such as the Leatherman Sidekick.

Finally, with people looking beyond their daily weapons for heavy-duty, survival arms, the rest is for you. Emergency knives are best suited for those who use them outdoors and in survival situations. They need to be long-lasting and versatile enough to cut through a number of different textures and materials while being easy to handle. In particular, survival knives are great for cutting logs and branches.

This is the main application, as it has many purposes–building fire, building shelter, and building survival tools to name a few. Survival knives are also great for trapping and skinning animals, making them a useful tool for hunters, trappers, and even people who like to hunt with premium crossbows.

List of Top 10 Best Survival Knives On The Market Reviews



ESEE Knives 5P Fixed Blade Knife w/Kydex Sheath

Morakniv Garberg Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade, 4.3-Inch

SOG Fixed Blade Knives w/Sheath – SEAL Team Elite Survival Knife, Hunting Knife & MOLLE Tactical Knife w/Black TiNi 7 Inch Blade & GRN Grip (SE37-N)

Fallkniven A1bL A1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife W/Kraton Handle blk, Black

Benchmade – Bushcrafter 162 Fixed Outdoor Survival Knife Made in the USA

Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife w/ Sheath

Fallkniven F1 Military Survival Knife FNF1ZCOS

Fallkniven S1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife with Zytel Sheath, Black

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber, 360 Cordless Tub, and Tile Scrubber


1. ESEE Model 4

US$ 118.31


  • Strong construction
  • Comes with sheath
  • Lightweight


  • The handle feels small

If you’re going to buy the best survival knife, it’s always important to build it and many other apps. First of all, we’re going to look at the size and weight of this weapon. Since this model weighs just 8 ounces, it is known to be suitable for portability. There’s no way that you’re going to have an easy time getting around with it. The cutter, on the other side, is 4.1 inches with an overall size of 4.5 inches. This is a good scale for most of the consumers.

The important feature is the handle, as well as ergonomics. The handle is designed to be low profile and also to be right. It’s made from canvas micarta to make it better in terms of strength. You’re supposed to be good when it comes to using. Most customers will always like the maneuverability and accuracy that comes with the knife due to the simplicity of the handle.

On the other side, the sheath is constructed of formed nylon. You should hold the knife in the sheath any moment you’re in motion as if it’s a good one. Since the sheath is specially made, the knife will fit perfectly. The sheath provides choices for different positions for carrying a knife.

Another great feature is the overall visuals that come with the product. You’re going to find that it looks good and provides features. It’s also durable, so you shouldn’t fear that it won’t perform as you want it to.

The maker has done a good job in terms of quality. It comes with a strong, durable structure to make it good for outdoor usage.

2. ESEE Model 5

US$ 164.44


  • Razor-sharp knife
  • Strong construction
  • Impressive warranty


  • Lacks a finger coil

First of all, ESEE is a top brand, so its knives are always designed to meet your needs. The first thing we’re going to get to find out is the weight. Each model weighs only 16 ounces, so it’s lightweight. You should not care about the portability and general use of the weapon. According to ESEE, this knife is not just for outdoors, you can always find certain applications for it at home.

And, how about the building? Okay, this is another aspect that you will also remember. The good news is that the company utilizes 1095 carbon steel for building purposes. Such a style of structure allows easy oiling and protection of the knife blade at all times. You also get the stuff to be solid and strong to last for years to come. There’s so much you can do with a knife made of this kind of stuff.

The sharpness of the knife can not be questioned at all. The best part is that the knife can retain sharpness for a long time to come. You’re not going to have to worry about sharpening it more often. Since the knife retains sharpness, you always have an easy time to use for multiple applications.

Turn on the handle, you get that it’s made of the Micarta Canvas sizes. What you get in exchange is a handle that’s strong and provides a good grip even when it’s muddy. One thing you’re going to like is the sheath, too. This comes with a Kydex injection molded to help maintain sheath stability. The sheath tends to be waterproof.

3. Morakniv Garberg Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife

US$ 73.50


  • Great blade construction
  • Sturdy
  • Great grip


  • Sheath construction could be better

This is one of the best outdoor survival templates you can get. You’re going to like the way it looks, and you’re also going to perform. The company has a reputation for making strong knives that you can use for a variety of applications. This one isn’t a special one. It comes at a reasonable price, but still nice in terms of performance. Generally, the knife feels solid and robust. It should then be in a position to handle the different applications out there.

Okay, how about the match and the end. Okay, overall, it’s pretty good. The first thing you’re going to like is that the knife comes with a good fit. It fits well in your hand to make it convenient for you to use. There is no way that you will have the best maneuverability. Using a plastic sheath may make it look a little small, but it’s always going to get the job done. You should protect a sharp blade from exposure until it is required.

The blade is the core of the weapon, which is why this style is popular. Thanks to the steel stuff, it is designed to be solid. The use of high-carbon steel lets the blade lasts for years and is still powerful. The coating is also good when it comes to keeping intact longer. No one needs to sharpen their blades more often than not.

The handle, on the other side, is made of hard ballistic nylon. It might not be the best material, but it’s definitely good for this knife. As a consequence, other users will have an easy time using this handle.

4. SOG Force Fixed Blade

US$ 112.11


  • Impressive strong construction
  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight knife


  • Not the best for self-defense

If you’ve been looking for a weapon for a while, you’ve had to come across SOG knives. This is a top brand, but expect different knives with different applications. First of all, we’re going to get to look at its building. When it comes to making the product, the maker uses the AUS-8 material. This composite is very good when it comes to longevity. It is good in terms of residual corrosion even when used under harsh outdoor environments.

So, where are you going to use it? Since the model comes with an amazing edge, you will always notice that it can be used for a variety of applications. You shouldn’t have a problem when it comes to chopping ties, creating notches in trees, trimming, sharpening, and smoothing branches. As you can see, the concept can now easily live up to the brand’s credibility. The best part is that the pattern can also be used to make a fire.

Most people are going to enjoy this style because it’s generally comfortable and lightweight. You might have a powerful knife, but it lacks stability and maneuverability, and you won’t have a good time to use it. The good thing is that when you use this setup, you never have to think about it. It’ll be easy to live up to your desires when outside.

The handle is so strong that you can have an easy time using it. Since the aim was to make it great, the handle is ergonomically contoured with a shape that helps with a good grip. Even when it gets wet, the knife will not break.

5. Fallkniven A1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife

US$ 219.19


  • Great comfort
  • Impressive sheath
  • Lightweight model


  • Slow customer support team

First of all, you’re going to end up with a model that works well to get you interested in learning more about what it can do. This model comes with a knife drop point feature. Since this style is suitable for a variety of applications, you can be sure to have a nice time when it comes to using it. The overall design of the blade allows you to have a nice time when it comes to the actual use of the product. You can always cut things and treat a variety of applications with ease.

Starting on the handle, you’ll see that this style is good in terms of handling and ergonomics. The handle is built of Kraton, which is a high-density polymer semi-rubber. There is no question that the knife is going to work well for a variety of applications. One thing you’re going to like about this layout is that it comes as a complete tang knife. It should cater to many people who need a knife of this kind.

When it comes to overall use, you’ll get the setup to be extremely comfortable. As a consequence, you’re expected to have an easy time cutting objects in your path. Even when it’s muddy, the knife doesn’t break. You can be confident that you have a pleasant time when it comes to overall usage.

Each particular model comes with a beautiful sheath build. It is constructed of a synthetic substance that is durable and also has a longer shelf life. You’re expected to have an easier time handling a sharp knife. The knife and the sheath are all still lightweight.

6. Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 Knife

US$ 199.72


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Full tang construction
  • Weather-resistant


  • Not the best for regular chopping

This is one of the best models to use a tactical knife. You’re just going to have a good time when it comes to using a layout that starts today. First of all, the maker did some good work on the construction of the weapon. It’s designed to be a complete Tang knife. Ultimately, the blade is strong, well-balanced, practical and constructed of quality steel. You’re going to have a good experience when it comes to overall usage.

The design should be another thing you’re going to like about the layout. The model is made of CPM 330 stainless steel, which is remarkable when it comes to different work conditions. The steel coating is great when it comes to making the knife strong and stable overall. The best part is that it is immune to corrosion. You don’t have to fear that you will struggle when it comes to using it outside.

The razor often comes with a sharp bevel of 90 degrees. It’s going to allow the consumer to throw sparks with a Ferro pin. Okay, it’s meant to be one of the most practical things you can do with a knife. As a consequence, you will consider a pattern that comes in handy when it comes to using it for hiking or camping. The steel edge is also good when it comes to reshaping. In no time should you have it clear?

The handle is also an important part of any knife. Each model comes with a strong handle, which is also contoured. This kind of knife is supposed to make things perfect when it comes to overall use every time outdoors.

7. Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife w/Sheath

US$ 97.99


  • Solid construction
  • Sharp
  • Comfortable handle


  • It needs regular sharpening

This is another survival weapon you can get for yourself right now. As the name suggests, it will help you survive outside, irrespective of the different conditions. There’s no way that you’re going to have a good time when it comes to using it. The best part is that the knife comes very sharp when it comes to using it from today. You can go ahead and start using it straight out of the box without the need for sharpening.

There’s no way that you’re going to get this knife with a decent blade length. As a consequence, you’ll get that it’s perfect for both usefulness and operational purposes. We all want a platform that you can use both at home and outside. This arrives with a tip of the spear point that is also good when it comes to various applications. The core, on the whole, makes it good when it comes to doing a better job. When it comes to using it, you’re going to love it.

The software is really good when it comes to being effective and simple to use. You’re going to love the platform when it comes to overall use. The handle is another thing you’re going to like. This is because it covers the side, making it great for general use. It also offers you a comfortable grip that makes it even better to navigate.

The designer has done a good job in terms of overall quality. As a consequence, you’re having a kit that’s intended for the outdoors. It’s tough and strong enough to live up to your expectations.

8. Fallkniven FN78 F1 Military Survival Knife

US$ 167.05


  • Strong construction
  • Lightweight model
  • Great thickness


  • Expensive

This is another Fallknive knife on the register. It just goes on to show that the company is really good when it comes to making the best blades. You’ll always have a good time when it comes to the actual use of a weapon. This comes with a total length of 8.3 inches and 3.8 centimeters. You may claim it has good size for the duration of the weapon. Since it only weighs 6 ounces, you’re going to find that it’s perfect for portability.

It’s all about offering you an impressive performance that performs well. You get that comes with a simple drop point with a complete convex grind. This kind of shape and design should allow total use of it easier. The option of a light satin finish or a dark Cerakoted finish is also a nice one. You’ll consider a finish that works great, too, to keep the knife free from corrosion.

One thing you’re going to like is the strength of the tip. This knife comes with a large 4.5 mm blade that should render it beautiful. There’s no way that you’re going to have a good time when it comes to actual use. It is possible to cut a number of items quickly. The knife remains strong, too, to make people want it even more.

The platform comes with a lot of edge protection that should make it great for overall use. There’s no way that you’re going to have a great time when it comes to actual access. You’re also going to get that sharpening is very fast. It’s going to help you clean the knife quickly.

9. Fallkniven S1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife

US$ 149.41


  • Strong construction
  • Comfortable grip
  • Retains edge for longer


  • Sharpening is not easy

First of all, the Fallknive company has been around for decades now. This has helped the company realize what the client wants. That’s why you’re trying to get the platform to deliver the best features that make users happier when it comes to getting one for themselves. Often, all knives are thoroughly checked for reliability and longevity to ensure that they can always deliver on value as always.

One thing you’re going to like about the platform is its design. The model is made of reinforced stainless steel material that lasts a long time. You can be confident that it can deliver on results at all times. This comes with a mirror polish to make it even better. It ought to look good just as it functions. The handle comes with a full tang build that makes sure you enjoy using this product more often than not.

The pattern is perfect because of the grasp you offer. There’s no chance that you’ll like the pattern more often than not. It’s going to make things better for you when it comes to using it. A better grip is important to make sure you have good maneuverability when it comes to overall use.

When it comes to using this pattern, there’s a good performance. This is because it can keep the point longer. As a consequence, you will consider it popular with outdoor enthusiasts. Some of the things that it can do include chopping, cutting, lightening, puncturing, and more. You’re definitely going to like it.

10. ESEE Izula II DT

US$ None


  • Solid construction
  • Sharp
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Needs regular sharpening

The ESEE name is one of the most emblematic when it comes to using it more often than not. This comes with a wide range of knives that can be given to the customer. This is another knife that the maker has to sell. As it must be suitable for outdoors, the maker has made it thin, sharp and rugged for outdoor conditions. You’re really going to like the pattern starting today, as it offers the perfect value you always want.

Getting a simple design and a good build is something that makes it possible for you to love using it from now. You’re going to like the idea that it’s a model that works great overall. It also has a slightly longer handle that makes it one of the best in terms of total versatility. Even those with larger hands will have an easy time when it comes to using it.

As for the measurements, this model comes with a total length of 6.75 inches and a blade length of 2.75 inches. The length of the blade should be adequate to help you deal with the various features you might have when it comes to the overall configuration. The device weighs 3.2 ounces and is quite lightweight. This is similar to the other ones on the market right now.

One thing you’re going to like about the knife is the fact that it’s made of high carbon material. As a consequence, at the same moment, the knife is powerful and stable. Being a rugged knife makes it good for outdoor use and protection. There is no way that you will have a good time to use it.


Fixed blade or folding

When it comes to the different types of knives, you can get a standard with a fixed blade or a rotating edge. It is, therefore, necessary to choose one that fits your needs. By fact, a folding knife takes up less space than a fixed blade, and the only negative is that they appear to have more breaking points. That’s why most people prefer fixed blade blades, even as they just hold them in the same position.

Blade length

The thickness of the weapon often plays an important role when it comes to possessing a survival knife. You’ll get that most of them vary from anything from 3.5 inches and 10 inches. It is necessary to choose a blade based on the length that makes it easy when it comes to overall usage. You don’t need a platform that’s too large to be compact.

Handle material

It’s always crucial that you get to appreciate the stuff you treat. This is because it defines the general comfort and maneuverability of the weapon. You need a handle that’s durable so it doesn’t snap quickly when you start using a knife outdoors. The traditional material used to create the handle is Canvas or Micarta linen. This brand is perfect for good shape and longevity.
You can also get other versions of strengthened fiber plastics such as 10and Zytel when it comes to overall results. You also need to look at the overall traction you can get with the product at all times.


This guide is critical for you to end up with the best value knife when it comes to outdoor usage. There is no question that you will always have a nice time when it comes to using these knives for different survival purposes. Some of them even help you start a spark. Go ahead and choose a layout that’s going to work well for you.

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